Rescue-CD based on Grml

CD gHklFour years ago I did my first attempt to remaster Grml. These scripts has been the base for the remaster of Knoppix to get a "Own Rescue CD". At first I used the chroot method as you still can find it in the Knoppix Wiki. But then I thought it is easier to synchronize the content of a Knoppix HD installation with the content of the Knoppix CD. For this purpose you could use the script in the past.

Unfortunately K. Knopper doesn't offer a CD version of the latest KNOPPIX and perhaps he also will not do it in the future. Therefore I looked for an alternative to build a "Own Rescue CD" containing the programs and settings which with you are familiar. So I again worked on remastering Grml and integrated the LXDE desktop. Perhaps this "Rescue_grml" will be usefull for one or anther system administrator.

I did the remaster using Grml 2014.11. The script grml2hd has a little error with the calculation of the HD size - don't take care about this.

You'll find here how to remaster Grml, some tips and how to get an USB install with persistency.

You can only download the scripts or get an overview from them. For better readability i've used "highlight" von Andre Simon.