Remaster Grml

This is valid for grml-full 32-bit or 'One for both' (2014.11).

You can download the needed scripts to remaster your version.

I prefer to remaster Grml within a virtual machine like VirtualBox; this will not disturb your productive system and you can test your new ISO without burning it. But you also can use a HD installation of Grml within a separate partition of your computer.

Make your modifications within your HD installation, install new packages as you like or purge others and change config files as you need them.

First of all check the integrity of download with sha1sum or use BitTorrent.

  • You need within VirtualBox a new HD with the size of 8GB and a grml32-full_....iso or
    a HD of 10GB and a grml96-full_....iso (not grml64).
  • Start from the ISO with the option "grml32-full Standard" (not grml64!).
  • Open a xterm as root and type "gparted".
  • Create the partition table for the HD and a primary partition formatted with ext3 and using the whole size ot the partition.
  • Read "man grml2hd" and start the installation to HD with interactive mode (not non-interactiv!)
  • Don't change the name "grml" for the 1st user to another name and let the password fields empty for root and the user grml; we don't need passwords within a Live CD.
  • Download the package "rg-remaster.deb" and install it.
  • Open a xterm as root and type "". When the first run of the script has finished you can see after the reboot the LXDE desktop.
  • Use 'Rescue-CD => Remaster Grml' to begin with the script.

grml 17

You only need three steps for remastering purpose 

Rescue grml 3

  1. "Prepare enviroment within the HD Installation" does all needed preparations for Grml remaster.
  2. "RSync with modifications of HD Installation" copies all your modifications you did within your HD Installation to '/opt/grml/remaster'.
  3. "Build new ISO from remasterd Rescue_grml" creates your new Grml version.
  • Test your new remastered ISO with VirtualBox or with KVM. At ISO startup you will see a message like this with the timestamp of the remastered version.

grml 16

  • If all went well burn ISO to CD.