Own Rescue-CD with Knoppix

My summary is valid for KNOPPIX 7.6.1DVD/7.7.0CeBIT

You can download the needed scripts to remaster your version.

I prefer to remaster the Knoppix versions within a virtual machine like VirtualBox; this will not disturb your productive system.

First of all check integrity of download (for example):

  • md5sum -c KNOPPIX_V7.2.0CD-2013-06-16-EN.iso.md5
  • Create a virtual machine with 31 GB HD, 2 GB RAM and 24 MB Graphic
  • Start with Knoppix-DVD
  • Select 'Knoppix → KNOPPIX HD Install'  Use whole hard disk. At the end install GRUB bootloader to MBR'
  • After restart install my script-package with "dpkg -i".
  • Insert your own value for the variable CISO at the top of the script '/usr/sbin/kn-remaster.sh'

You only need three steps for remastering purpose

Start your Knoppix HD Installation and insert the Knoppix DVD, which is needed to create the remastering enviroment. The first time use '/usr/sbin/kn-remaster.sh' to start with the  kn-remaster script. The next time you can use 'Rescue-CD → Remaster Knoppix' from the menu.



  1. "Prepare enviroment within the Knoppix HD Installation" does all needed preparations for Knoppix remaster. (If you are working within VirtualBox and Knoppix DVD isn't found, unselect and then select the DVD in VirtualBox menu. Begin with step "Prepare enviroment.." once more.)
  2. "RSync your modifications within HD Installation" copies all your modifications you've done within your HD Installation to '/opt/knx/remaster'.
  3. "Build new ISO from remasterd Knoppix" creates your new Knoppix version.

Used directory-tree

/opt/knx/knoppix => all of the DVD
/opt/knx/boot/isolinux/minirt.gz => compressed initramfs
/opt/knx/bootcd => minimal ISO (only initramfs)
/opt/knx/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX(7) => compressed filesystem Image
/opt/knx/minirt_rd => decompressed initramfs
/opt/knx/iso => new remastered kn_knoppix_xyz.iso (or kn_bootcd_xyz.iso)
/opt/knx/remaster => decompressed filesystem Image



  • You may use "Add some tools and other suggestions" from the remaster script. If you didn't accept a part of this, you'll see it again the next time.
  • Menu 'Rescue-CD → my Installation' (kn-what.sh) displays all packages and libraries with a short description. Other lists shows installed packages sorted by size and incomplete installed packages.
  • Make changes in the file '/opt/knx/knoppix/boot/isolinux/knoppix.menu' as you need for my Bootmenu, especially within all "lang=.." items of the "Append"-lines.
  • If you don't like my Bootmenu, type:
    cp /usr/share/kn-knoppix/save/* /opt/knx/knoppix/boot/isolinux/




  • If you want to change something of initramfs, you can do it within '/opt/knx/minirt_rd'
  • Test your new remastered ISO with VirtualBox or with KVM. At ISO startup you will see a message like this with the timestamp of the remastered version.


 If all went well burn ISO to DVD.


Test ISO with KVM

Check for virtualization support

egrep '(vmx|svm)' --color=always /proc/cpuinfo

If you get back 'vmx' (Intel) or 'svm' (AMD) load kvm module

sudo modprobe kvm-intel
or for Amd-Prozessor
sudo modprobe kvm-amd

Test ISO (insert full name for "kn-knoppix_.iso"!):

kvm -cdrom kn-knoppix_.iso -m 2047


Remaster Knoppix DVD

The script uses a 2nd compressed filesystem KNOPPIX7 for the directory '/usr/' of Knoppix. With the part "Calculate size of new KNOPPIX and new ISO" of the remaster script you'll see whether KNOPPIX7 exceeds the size of 4GB or not.



 Rescue USB-Stick

For installation of the remastered Knoppix to an USB stick without burning a CD/DVD proceed as follows:

  • Boot VirtualBox with Knoppix-HD-Installation and insert USB stick
  • Select 'Knoppix → Install KNOPPIX to flash disk'
  • Select the USB stick as your target device and the directory '/opt/knx/knoppix' as source
  • If finished unplug the USB stick and shutdown Knoppix
  • Reinsert USB stick and register it in your Host as an USB-disk for VirtualBox:
VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename \
~/kingston.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/sdX

Change the commandline as you need, especially "/dev/sdX"! Now you can take this USB-disk as boot device in VirtualBox and test the stick.


Knoppix Boot-CD

In case your BIOS isn't able to boot from USB Device you can create a Boot-CD with menu 'Rescue-CD → Remaster Knoppix' and selecting "Create Knoppix Boot-CD". If you boot with this Boot-CD and a KNOPPIX image is found on attached USB device, this KNOPPIX image will be used.